Advertise with Us

Advertise with Us

First Class, Intelligent and Videos

Alt Media allows you to reach and engage your target customers via a wide range of digital properties enabled with new-generation advertising capabilities.

By working with Alt Media, you will get access to:

    * Intelligent advertising that allow advertisers to reach their desired customer segments via a combination of demographical, behavioral and contextual capabilities  
    * High quality video content that ensures eyeballs and engagement
    * New range of in-video ad formats to drive interaction
    * Exclusive sponsorships on content, branded content and specially designed microsites to drive brand metrics from awareness to affinity and loyalty 
    * Social networking capabilities to allow your consumers to propagate your brand
    * Detailed reports for accountability and continuous improvement
    * Opportunities to deliver truly integrated advertising campaigns on digital and non-digital channels such as TV, Radio, Print and Outdoor
    * And so much more...

Contact one of our sales representatives for a discussion on how we can help your meet your marketing objectives.

Kingston Low
Head of Sales, Digital Advertising